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Premium Sportsbook For 2022 World Cup Games

WC’22 special bets
tournament markets
Exclusive and interactive live zone with real-time 2D, 3D, and video

Live Betting
Player-Friendly frontend with informative bet slip and one-click betting
Easy to bet
Access to exclusive markets, unique events, and the best odds
In-house bookmakers
Efficiently localize and meet your market demands with our sportsbook
iFrame solution that can be integrated to any platform: web or mobile
Award-winning sportsbook for
FIFA World Cup 2022
1000+ betting markets for every game of FIFA World Cup 2022, including:
  • special bets
  • bets on a particular player's performance in a match,
  • the timing of the scores,
  • the number of yellow/red cards
  • when the injuries happen
  • the number of headed goals and many others
Uplatform’s sportsbook covers an enormous number of pre-match and live events and includes:
  • a unique live zone with real-time 2D, 3D, and video translation,
  • a multi-live feature that enables multiple bets simultaneously in one window

All you need to enhance the player's overall satisfaction and experience.
Displays all information and statistics, relating to
  • matches,
  • teams,
  • tournaments
Directly on the match page, easy navigation to keep users on your page and assists them in placing bets.

Uplatform sportsbook offers up:
  • multi-bet combinations like Accumulator, Lucky and Chain
  • one-click betting
  • unique bets (bettors can bet on a particular player during the match or make bets like player-player or team-player)
  • bet builder (unique development that allows players to make a slip out of several events on a single match)
  • bet constructor.
Regionalized and personalized content:
  • Relevant sorting of national teams according to the user’s location,
  • 65+ languages,including rare ones
  • Various odds - fractional, decimal, Moneyline Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malay
  • Different views - European, Italian, Asian
Increase your revenue during World Cup 2022 with our effective sportsbook

Efficient Usports API
With Uplatform's Sportsbook API, you can extend your existing sports betting platform or even casino website. Our Usports API provides you with:

  • Quick, straightforward, and seamless API integration
  • Player-Friendly frontend
  • Customizable and adaptable solution: 200+ sports in line, low-tier leagues, 1,5 mln pre-match, and live events
  • Features: unique live zone, multi-live bets, bet constructor, bet builder, popular and unique bet types
  • Various odds formats: fractional, decimal, Moneyline, Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malay
World Cup 2022
is an unique event
For the first time, the World Cup will be played in the northern hemisphere during the winter. During this time, all leagues would be on winter break, so viewers and bettors would devote their attention to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup is one of the world's largest sporting events, and a significant amount of money is staked on the tournament. A post-event research revealed that more than £115 billion was bet on the 2018 World Cup, with the average match generating about £1.80 billion in wagers.

Because the World Cup is so popular with bettors worldwide, it is essential to offer them a convenient way to make bets explicitly tailored for their region.
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